How To Get A Physical Therapy Assistant Qualification

Accident Victims, Elderly, Athletes or anyone experiencing problems with mobility require the help of a Physical Therapy Assistant, making this one of the most popular jobs in the world today. Ensuring that patients who are currently undergoing treatment, comply with given advice and do as recommended, is a duty of the Therapy Assistant. All Physical Therapy Assistants are required to work under the supervision of a Physical Therapist. The salary earned by the Physical Therapist Assistant will vary from state to state and will be dependent on a number of factors, such as work location, educational background and working experience. The rate of salary is dependent on the high demand for this service in a particular area. A high school diploma with good grades in science and maths is the minimum requirement to qualify for this course. Online Physical Therapist Assistant Courses are offered for a period of two years, and six months training programs are offered by some. Once you have obtained this qualification you may apply for your Physical Therapist Assistant license. With almost every Physical Therapist Assistant job, requiring you to be licensed, you will need to be quite competitive to acquire the higher salaried positions. Only once you have completed Physical Therapist Assistant Training, at a school accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association Commission, can you apply for a license. Do not join a school that is not accredited.You will be taught how to perform Physical Therapist Assistant tasks and duties during your training course. Only after you have graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant course can you take the licensure examination or the National Physical Therapy Examination. After passing these you will be a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. A huge aspect of your training will be to do an internship in the workplace, where you can gain hands on experience. You will also need to have people skills and excellent communication skills. Patients who are in a lot of physical and emotional pain due to their inability to move around, as they did before, can be extremely difficult and will at times require tremendous patience and understanding. Because the work you do can be strenuous and will require lifting of patients, while assisting them with different types of physical exercise, you need to be physically fit. Standing can also cause the body a lot of stress. You will find that reaching out and assisting others with their needs a most rewarding experience. You will also need to have excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and loads of compassion.The American Physical Therapy Association has designated eight different specialties that you can focus on, should you want to be involved in a particular field. These will include Women’s Health, dealing with prenatal and postpartum depression as well as urinary incontinence and osteoarthritis. Sports Physical Therapy, which includes the management of sports injuries, injury prevention, and assisting athletes in the achievement of optimum performance. Pediatrics, mainly assisting those with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Cardiopulmonary Therapy deals with those who undergo lung or heart operations. Neurology, which assists those with balance and paralysis. Orthopedics-injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Geriatrics, where elderly suffer from various diseases. Clinical Electrophysiology, where electrodes are used for trauma sufferers. Alternatively, teaching and training of others in this discipline is also an option worth considering.